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ABOUT Jeffrey

An award-winning composer, Jeffrey's music usually centers on mythological or spiritual matters, exploring the human condition through sound. Jeffrey's music has been commissioned and performed all over the world. Click on the YouTube link above to listen to his music.


Jeffrey also writes middle grade and young adult fiction from the world of Lœmia. He is fascinated with classism, racism, sexism and other human constructs that impede our growth as people. His characters tend to struggle to discover who they are, whether it is gender identity or socioeconomic status, and how they fit into a world that is violently opposed to their own lived experiences.

Dr. B is also an orchestra teacher at a middle school in suburban Kansas City. He works with some pretty awesome kids, but he may be very biased about that.

But, most importantly, Jeffrey is a husband, father, and grandfather who adores his family beyond measure.

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